Bill Reynolds and Piper Kimball at the Embry Riddle Career Expo

We attended Embry-Riddle University’s Industry/Career Expo at their Daytona Beach campus and it was an event of epic professionalism! The moment we pulled up to the campus, students hurried out to help us bring in all of our booth supplies including our PrecisionVision 35 spray drone. At lunch we were able to take a few minutes and visit with key faculty (and two working interns) who offered advice on how to be a part of the university’s cooperative education and internship program encouraging us to sign up for Handshake, an online account for connecting students with potential employers. By the time we left our heads were spinning.  We were beyond impressed with all of the students, staff and the way the entire event was orchestrated. Here is just a quick summary of what we experienced.

Leading Edge Associates at the Embry Riddle University 2020 Spring Career Expo.

The doors opened at 9 am sharp as the students, dressed in crisp and clean business attire, entered the expansive hall full of employment opportunities. Forgive me for the following biological reference but it was like how I would envision a seasonal fishery release would be, opening up its’ gates in the spring, releasing healthy, vigorous hatchlings, eager to investigate their newfound freedom.  Only by expertly navigating different channels and streams will the student hatchlings find their own niche in a vast new world filled with tantalizing aquatic delicacies and fast moving fresh water. The student hatchlings were much more prepared than we were!  We could be their next new adventure, but so could Amazon or United Airlines or the military or the CIA. If nothing else, we thought the drone on display might help capture their attention, at least for a few who might want to work for a small grass roots company that specializes in spraying for mosquitoes and weeds. We were pleasantly overwhelmed to say  the least.

Leading Edge Associates CEO Bill Reynolds with a student at the Embry Riddle University Spring 2020 Career Expo