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Sony Multispectral Camera + GNSS Sensor Unit


The drone-mounted dual-sensor camera allows you to target your efforts for crop health.

Support day-to-day crop management by making scouting simple! There’s no need to configure or calibrate the unit before flying, ensuring you’re ready for a variety of weather conditions. Watch the Sony Smart Agriculture Solution Video to see the camera in action.




  • A dual sensor captures NDVI and RGB images in a single flight. 
  • A unique low-power smart sensing processor acquires latitude, longitude, altitude, and attitude information (orientation and heading). 
  • This fusion technology records highly accurate geolocation information in perfect synchronization with the camera shutter and stores it in the metadata of each image.
  • After landing, the Micro SD Card is ready for rapid data transfer to Sony’s Fast Field Analyzer Software, with no Internet connection required.

Detailed imagery gives growers and agronomists everything they need to assess critical factors like crop health, density and growth rate, and identify the presence of pests and weeds. Accurate geolocation data from the GNSS Sensor can be used to direct action with precision.

Looking to create flight plans? Leading Edge’s PrecisionVision®  can help! 

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