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PrecisionVision 22 UAS

The PrecisionVision 22 (PV22) UAS from Leading Edge offers the latest advancements in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for aerial applications in a wide variety of industries including agricultural, vector control, forestry and noxious weed control. Download product brochure

The PV22 offers a diversity of payload systems ranging from surveillance to three interchangeable UAS aerial application spray systems.  The PV22 was engineered in parallel with the PrecisionVision iOS APP by Leading Edge and is capable of fully autonomous aerial applications and surveillance operations. 

The PV22 consists of UAS airframe, propulsion system, PrecisionVision Avionics suite, payload system, PrecisionVision Onboard App and datalink system.  The entire PrecisionVision UAS product line is engineered around safety with three GPS receivers designed to fail over if one or two GPS receivers fail.  The PV22 meets the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) weight requirements of less 55 pounds, is compliant with the FAA Part 107 licenses and operating limitations and meets all of the FAA emergency response features for loss link, lost coms, return-to-home and emergency procedures.   


  • Flight time range: 13-16 minutes 

  • Payload capacity (lbs.): 22 

  • Payload volume capacity: 16 liters 

  • Batteries: 2 

  • Flights per battery set: 3-4 

  • Recharge time: 45-minutes at 30% charge 

  • Treatment acres/min: Liquid payload system – .80 acres/minute   

  • Granular material: 2.0 – 2.58 acres/minute 

  • Max weight: 54.9 pounds 

  • Max speed: 30 mph 

  • Hover time: 20 minutes no payload, 13 minutes with 22 pounds of payload

  • Max climb speed: 5 m/s 

  • Max descent speed:3 m/s

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