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PrecisionVision Granular Application System

The PrecisionVision Granular Application System (PVGAS) is a product produced by CFR-Innovations of Canada.  Leading Edge fully integrated the PrecisionVision iOS and Avionics Sweet with the UAS granular spreader to make the most efficient and productive UAS granular application system in the world. 

The hopper comes in two sizes, 8L and 16L.  Configured with the PrecisionVision products, application rates between 3-20 pounds per acre can be applied while treating 1.0 – 2.58 acres per minute.  Effective swath width range between 32’ and 80’ depending on the physical properties of the granular material.

16L Hopper Specifications: 

  • Input voltage:  0-1 2V 

  • Dimensions: 302 mm x 233.5 mm x 365 mm 

  • Tank volume: 16 L 

  • Spreader weight:  230 g 

  • Normal current: 2-6 A 

  • Max current: 20 A 

  • Operating temperature range: 0ºC to 60ºC 

  • Rotation speed: Adjustable, 0-1,620 RPM 

  • Spreading width: Adjustable, 2m - 16m 

8L Hopper Specifications: 

  • Input voltage: 0-12 V 

  • Dimensions:  302 mm x 223.5 mm x 365 mm 

  • Tank volume: 8 L 

  • Spreader weight:  899, 5 g 

  • Total weight: 1 148 g 

  • Normal current: 4-6 A 

  • Max current: 10 A 

  • Operating temperature range:  -10ºC à  40ºC 

  • Max angle (attachment system):  27º 

  • Materials:  Carbon fiber,  aluminum, ABS  plastic 

  • Swath width: Adjustable, 2 m-16 m 

  • Spreading rate: Adjustable, between 1L/min and 12L/min 

  • Rotation speed: Up to 625 rpm

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