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PrecisionVision iOS Application

The PrecisionVision® iOS app is specifically designed for aerial applications using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).  Our Leading Edge software engineers designed and programmed PrecisionVision® iOS app with a comprehensive understanding and more than 33 years of experience in the aerial application industries of mosquito control, agriculture, forestry and noxious weed control.   

The foundation of the PrecisionVision® iOS app is the seamless integration and control of the PrecivionVision® UAS aircraft, avionics and spray system. This is further enhanced with four unmatched application flight planning methods that allow the user to create treatment polygons, points, paths and important shapefiles for each type of flight planning method. 

Although the foundation of the PrecisionVision iOS app is remarkable, the features built into the iOS app make this software the leader in the UAS aerial application industry.

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Download [3.78 MB]

  • Designed specifically for aerial application in agriculture, forestry, mosquito & noxious weed control 
  • Complete flight planning features for aerial applications for all waypoints (global settings) or individual waypoints) 
  • Controls ground speed, height swath width, flight path and spray on/off 
  • Applies multiple solid formulations such as sand granules, corncob and fertilizers 
  • Applies adulticides 
  • Autonomous flight launch, application and landing 
  • Hot swappable payload and batteries with return to last termination waypoint 
  • Import shapefiles 
  • Create treatment polygons over Google satellite imagery 
  • Check list prior to launch 
  • Manual override of all spray systems 
  • Real time tracking of UAS 
  • Heading and location screen for immediate knowledge of UAS attitude and position relative to pilot location 
  • Precision applications via multispectral imagery spot treatment 
  • Real time telemetry of distance from home point, altitude, ground speed, battery levels, satellite tracking, location on each spray line 
  • Autonomous spray on/off operating seamlessly built into software 
  • Create, save, recall treatment missions 
  • One click switchable screen of satellite maps and live camera view 
  • Optimized flight lines and flight to RESUME WAYPOINT