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PrecisionVision Liquid Application System

The PrecisionVision Liquid Application System (PVLAS) is designed with versatility in mind.  Any TeeJet nozzle tip is easily inserted to produce the desired flow rates and droplet spectrums.  The PVLSS is designed to deliver the ASABE standard droplet classifications range between fine to Ultra-Course.

Depending on the pump size and droplet spectrum, the PVLAS can deliver a flow rate range between 30-120 ounces per minute.  Application rates per acre can range from 10 ounces per acre to 3-gallons per acre.  The as applied rates will depending on the users’ desire to apply products neat or diluted.  This wide range of application rates enable industries such as vector control and agriculture to comply to the rates specified by EPA product labels.  In combination with the PrecisionVision iOS, the PVLAS can perform three types of applications, traditional back and forth swath applications, precision spot treatments and custom path pattern applications.


  • Input voltage:  0-17.5 V 

  • Boom dimensions: 9’ 

  • Tank volume: 16 L 

  • Spray system weight: 807 g 

  • Normal current: 2-6 A 

  • Max current: 20 A 

  • Operating temperature range: 0ºC to 60ºC 

  • Swath width: Adjustable, 3m – 6m 

  • Material: Carbon fiber and ABS plastic

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