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PrecisionVision ULV Adulticiding System

The PrecisionVision ULV Adulticiding System (PVULV) incorporates all of the requirements with respect to droplet spectrum, flow rates and application rates needed to achieve efficacious control of adult mosquitoes.  Capitalizing on the rotary atomizer technology, Micronair and Leading Edge have proven the efficacious use of the Micronmizer 10.  The PrecisionVision Avionics Suite controls the flow rates through a pulse width modulation technology built into the PrecisionVision Avionics Suite.   

 Leading Edge applied several aerial adulticiding applications in 2018 that resulted in 100% control of adult mosquitoes in adult bioassay cages with less than 5% loss in the controls.  

Two rotary atomizers are easily interchangeable on the PrecisionVision liquid spray system.  Flight speeds of 19 mph with a 500’ effective swath, treats 19 acres per minute.  Depending on the adulticide of choice, the PrecisionVision UAS can treat up to 600 acres per flight.  Several thousand acres during the peak adult mosquito activity periods are achievable when flying multiple flights.

Adulticiding Specifications: 

  • Input voltage:  0-18V 

  • Tank volume: 6 L-16 L 

  • Normal current: 2-6 A 

  • Max current: 20 A 

  • Operating temperature range: 0ºC to 60ºC 

  • Rotation speed: Adjustable, 0-12,000 RPM 

  • Flow Rate: 1 fl. oz. – 3 fl. oz. per nozzle 

  • Application speed: 16-19 mph 

  • Acres Treated/min: 16-19 

  • Droplet Spectrum:  DV.1 = 20; DV.5 = 40; DV.9 = 79 microns

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