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Sentek Systems GEMS Multispectral Sensor

Fast, reliable, calibrated.

  • Quick & Easy setup

  • ILS accessory available for absolute vegetation indices

  • Secure data collection

  • OEM Sensor Weight: 170 grams (including shields)

  • Sensor & Enclosure Weight: 320 grams (including shields)

  • Dimensions: 3.5”x5”,   Power input: 9-40V

Precision Matters: A fully contained dual (RGB &NIR) camera payload integrated with built-in global navigation & GPS aiding.

Time-synchronized Data: Time-synchronization between all sensor data is crucial for accurate geo-location information in post-processing. GEMS has been designed from the ground up with this in mind as one of our key discriminators as to the precision and reliability of our data.

Laboratory Calibrated: GEMS undergoes a scientific laboratory process that radiometrically calibrates the camera as well as calibrates the optics with filters and all aiding sensors. Calibration ensures the highest reliable vegetation indices are computed.

Aligned Vegetation Indices: Precise time synchronization and calibration allows for seamless computation of RNDVI and other precision agriculture vegetation indices in GEMS post-processing software.

Easy Setup: Just turn it on and fly. The sensor does not need to be triggered and it uses its on-board navigation sensors to adapt the capture rate to maintain the planned mission overlap with no user input needed.

Fast & Robust: GEMS sensor can trigger as fast as up to 1 image every 0.5 seconds. Allows for reliable flights with good coverage on faster flying fixed wing drones and manned aircraft.

Configurable Flight Modes: Multiple triggering modes and exposure control options for advanced users.

3rd Party Compatibility: In addition to a flight log used by Sentek’s software for rapid image processing, the GEMS sensor embeds sensor parameters and geo tags in the EXIF metadata for each image. This lets you process GEMS imagery using 3rd-party 3D reconstruction tools with ease.ILS Accessory: Laboratory calibrated ILS used to convert spectral irradiances to spectral reflectivities. Automatically computes reliable, repeatable, orthomosaics & absolute vegetation indices in GEMS 3.5 Software and above.


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