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PrecisionVision® 35X

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

PrecisionVision 35X technologies assist with several aspects of aerial surveillance and application programs – including producing surveillance imagery, creating polygons and flight plans, treating challenging habitat, and reducing time in the field.

Extremely efficient solution to inaccessible locations

A safer option when compared to several other applications methods

Cost effective option for small acreage

Seamless integration for imagery and aerial application flight planning

RTK centimeter precision applications

Reduce inclement weather delays associated with larger aircraft


LEAT is a team of dedicated UAS designers, engineers, manufacturers, applicators, and consultants.

With over 35 years of experience inventing GPS guidance systems, droplet analysis, and aerial application solutions – Leading Edge Aerial Technologies (LEAT) has never stopped embracing new technology. The company understands every aspect of an aerial application, from the regulatory issues at the federal and state levels to the point that a droplet deposits on a weed, on a crop, in the water, or on an insect. CEO Bill Reynolds has worked with the FAA on aerial applications via UAS since the beginning.

LEAT was the first company to receive certification and perform UAS spray applications for agricultural products in vector control, noxious weed control, forestry, and agriculture.