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Application Services


We Have a Strong History in Aerial Application Technologies

We've spent decades inventing and utilizing aerial application technologies, and Leading Edge Aerial Technologies (LEAT) was the first company to receive certification and perform UAS spray applications for agricultural products in vector control, agriculture, forestry, and noxious weed control. Today, we design, engineer, and manufacture our PrecisionVision Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in the United States. Our expertise and experience provide our contract service customers with both a highly skilled team and market leading technology.

Granular, Liquid, and Adulticide Applications

Our team has completed over 10,000 flights. We’ve supported our customers in their efforts to manage mosquitoes, Phragmites, summer alfalfa worms, algae blooms, and more.

Ready to Take Flight?

We've worked with government entities and research institutions to complete granular and liquid applications in the United States and internationally. Our team understands the regulatory issues at the federal and state levels to the point that a droplet deposits on a crop, in the water, or on an insect. LEAT provides the most reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced UAS aerial spray application services in the United States. Use the form below to connect with our team to learn how LEAT can support your operations.


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