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Application Services

We Are Leading Edge Aerial Technologies, Inc.

Leading Edge Aerial Technologies, Inc. is a company focused in the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), also commonly known as drones. In February 2015, we filed our first Federal Aviation Administration 333 Exemption for the use of UAS in mosquito control for the specific purpose of aerial imagery and applications. A 3-year labor-intensive approval process began and in 2017, Leading Edge Aerial Technologies received all the required approvals from the FAA and several states. We are the first company to receive certification and perform UAS spray applications for agricultural products in vector control, forestry, agriculture, noxious weed control.

Our Services

LEAT provides the most reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced UAS aerial spray application services in the United States. We are not just a UAS partner, we are experts (35+ years) in aerial application and droplet analysis technologies.

We Worked Hard to Provide the BEST Solution

Leading Edge Aerial Technologies offers a comprehensive and fully integrated hardware and software solution for UAS aerial spray systems and imagery. We design, engineer, and build our PV35X in the U.S.A. The PrecisionVision Avionics suite provides the complete automation of flight between the application software, aircraft, and three interchangeable spray system payloads. It is this unique combination and integration that sets the PrecisionVision system solution apart from any other solution. Behind all of these technologies is the LEAT team. We understand every aspect of aerial application from the regulatory issues at the federal and state levels to the point that a droplet deposits on a crop, in the water, or on the insect.