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PrecisionVision® 35X

Interchangeable Application Systems + Autonomous Flight = Game Changer

Application systems, standard with the PV35X Ground Control Station, allow users to control application rates using a built-in variable rate controller. Additionally, spray on/off, ground speed, altitude, heading, and application rate can be controlled autonomously.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

PrecisionVision 35X technologies assist with several aspects of aerial surveillance and application programs – including producing surveillance imagery, creating polygons and flight plans, treating challenging habitat, and reducing time in the field.

Extremely efficient solution to inaccessible locations

A safer option when compared to several other application methods

Cost effective option for small acreage

Seamless integration for imagery and aerial application flight planning

RTK centimeter precision applications

Reduce inclement weather delays associated with larger aircraft

The PV35X has the most advanced and payload diverse UAS manufactured in the United States.

The discipline of understanding aerial application is key to success when operating a UAS. Knowing how to set up payloads, such as liquid and granular applications, to apply products with precision – that is a whole other business. Leading Edge has a rich history of aerial application experience in the vector control industry with numerous technologies such as Spray Drift Optimization and DropVision AG for swath characterization. The PV35X was designed and engineered with this knowledge.

The PV35X is built on the most advanced U.S. based, proven flight controller providing the user confidence and compliance operating an unmanned aircraft from a U.S. manufacturer.

Leading Edge helped operations across the country, across multiple industries, navigate FAA requirements as well as UAS aerial application technologies with unparalleled support (references available anytime).

PrecisionVision Ground Control Station (GCS)

The PV35X was engineered in parallel with PrecisionVision Software. The PV35X technologies are capable of fully autonomous surveillance operations and applications, with features to fit any type of UAS aerial application – mosquito, noxious weed, agriculture, pest, algae, forestry, seeding, and more.

  • Complete autonomous flight planning and execution
  • User definable values for swath width, speed, height, entry and exit waypoint swap, flight line heading 0 – 360 degrees
  • Full manual control and spraying mode
  • Flight data recording of applications captured and stored as shapefiles
  • Ability to export shapefiles to any GIS system
  • Battery warning and battery critical feature
  • Single click emergency return to home feature
  • and much more…

Three Types of Flight Patterns

Polygon swath back and forth pattern | Spot treatments | Designated path

Camera Systems

  • Video camera – First person view
  • Video camera – Downward facing view

Dual LiDAR Technologies + Real-Time Kinetic (RTK) Flight Precision

  • Sensors capable of measuring the distance to an object from .1m – 12m
  • Obstruction avoidance immediately enters UAS into hover flight mode
  • Terrain following LiDAR adds a critical layer of precision and safety
  • PV35X provides the user an RTK option, resulting in single centimeter precision horizontally and vertically.

Three Application Systems

Granular | ULV Adulticiding | Liquid

The PrecisionVision line supports surveillance efforts as well as three interchangeable application systems.

Adaptable Application Systems

Granular Payload

ULV Adulticiding Payload

Liquid Payload

Payload Capacity

25 lbs /

22 liters

25 lbs/

16 liters

25 lbs/

16 liters


12′ – 90′

300′ – 500′

16′ – 22′

Average Acres/Min

0.1 – 3




0.05 – 0.8


Flow Rate

2 – 20


3.4 – 10


10 – 233


Droplet Spectrum


DV 0.5 38-45

DV 0.9 < 70


80 – 2000


Innovative UAS Aerial Application Technologies

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